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The Pampered Kitty

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Your vagina is uniquely you, it is the pleasure center, the baby maker.. I mean can we just call it the cradle of civilization without which humankind would be rendered extinct? With all of her strengths and talents, take a moment to honor her. These products below can help you do just that.


Houston based #Flauntbody delivers a product that promises to restore irritated skin while reducing ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and hyperpigmentation around the bikini area. Also for use under arms, on the chest, neck and any other areas where ingrown hairs and irritation may occur this product is sure to add a much needed boost to your post hair removal routine.


Just the thought of the cool marble and soft firm bristles of the Marble Body Brush from #Gilded evokes images of cleopatra's Egypt. I imagine myself draped in the finest cloth, fans waving to push out the heat. I lounge next to my bath and dry brush my skin in an age old ritual which is said to

tighten the skin, reduce cellulite, and even skin tone. Indulgently opulent #Gilded offers the ultimate luxury body experience. Unfortunately I have been trying for months to get my hands on their beautiful marble body brush. Until then I guess my tiny bathroom and a loofah will have to do.

Oui the People

For those of us who can't bear the thought of spreading those "cheeks" for the perfect nether region wax, check out Oui the People. Chic and hip, Oui the People promises to deliver a smooth shave while being environmentally conscious. Described by some review as fun, I say anything that can make performing contortionist level maneuvers in a tiny slippery box fun...count me in!

V-tox Intmate Health and Wellness

Gyno tested and approved the pHresh (Clean Coochie) Intimate Foaming Wash gives us a light foam that's perfect for a refresh on the go or at home. Herb and essential oil based just remember external use only on this one ladies. If she was supposed to smell like a flower God would have made her a rose.

Ruby Love

Period swimwear...say what! Ruby love specializes in "kitty coverage" for those stress free period days we all long for. The feat of accomplishment, however, is most certainly their swimwear collection. Cute and protective this game changing swim line is a must for every water loving woman who has a period...period!

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